Discovery of a hidden barn reveals an astonishing collection of 230 classic cars

–°ollection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

One Dutch collector who had been amassing classic cars for 40 years in secret, left a total of 230 vehicles including rare Ferraris, Alpines, Mercedes, and BMWs, discovered in three barns.

An expansive array of more than 230 classic cars, featuring prominent brands such as Ferraris, Lancias, Facel Vegas, Alpines, Fords, Tatras, BMWs, Mercedes, Lincolns, and more, has been revealed in three buildings that were previously concealed from all but a select few individuals. This comprehensive assembly of vintage vehicles is currently available for purchase.

Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

The “Palmen Barnfind Collection,” a large assortment of classic cars, was discovered by Gallery Aaldering in the Netherlands. The collection features a yellow Lancia B20 that was acquired by Mr. Palmen approximately 40 years ago, and includes various other vintage vehicles. The collector had previously been involved in the vintage car industry before building up his personal collection.

Mr. Palmen was known for his remarkable ability to find rare cars, but he was also very private. He kept his collection hidden from everyone, even his neighbors who had asked to see inside his warehouses. As a result, very few people knew about the existence of his impressive collection.

Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

Palmen had an eye for great classics and rarely sold a vehicle, as evidenced by the stunning vehicles that make up his collection. The collection grew to such a size that it had to be housed in three separate buildings, including two warehouses and even a church.

Following the purchase of the entire collection by Gallery Aaldering, all 230 classic cars have been moved to one of the three warehouses located in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam. The auction of these vehicles will be managed by Classic Car Auctions.

Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

Classic Car Auctions and Gallery Aaldering have confirmed that the vehicles in the Palmen Barnfind Collection, despite being covered in dust and dirt, are in good condition and have been maintained by Mr. Palmen himself. Although most of the vehicles will require some restoration work, they claim that the engines were started regularly to prevent them from seizing up.

Prospective buyers can participate in the Palmen Barnfind auction starting on May 19th via an online platform. For those who want to physically inspect the classic cars, viewing days are scheduled for May 27th, 28th, and 29th. The auction will be held in three phases from June 5th to June 7th.

Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find