Aston Martin to Provide New Engines for its Classic Cars

Aston Martin - DB5

Aston Martin will now offer brand new engines and transmissions for its classic car models, making it easier than ever to restore and rebuild these iconic vehicles.

  • The company has previously supplied various mechanical components for restoration purposes.
  • All the parts being offered will be authenticated, enabling the restored Aston Martins to maintain their value.

Vintage car ownership can be a worrisome experience, particularly when it comes to mechanical reliability. This is especially true for rare and exotic models, which tend to be more problematic. It is often the case that the most beautiful cars in automotive history are also the most temperamental.

Aston Martin’s classic models over the years have been known to be temperamental, and this is particularly true for the famous DB5, which has been regarded as unreliable by experts since its launch.

Aston Martin - DB5

Aston Martin Works, the historical division of the company, is set to make a change. They are bringing back vintage engines and transmissions into production, complete with factory documentation. This will allow owners of old Aston Martins to keep their cars in top condition and maintain their elegance.

For owners of classic Aston Martin models such as the DB4, DB5, DB6, and some V8-powered models, the original engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, and other major components rebuilt to the original specifications are now available.

“In collaboration with our outstanding engineers at Aston Martin Works and at the Gaydon headquarters, we have partnered with top parts suppliers to develop these new components,” stated Paul Spires, the Chairman of Aston Martin Works in a press release.

Aston Martin Works has collaborated with several suppliers, including ZF, to recreate original gearboxes for the first time since the 1970s.