Subaru bought a high-mileage 30-year-old Legacy off hand. Now this is an exhibit

The American subdivision of Subaru has acquired a 30-year-old Legacy station wagon with a fairly high mileage, according to an advertisement on the Web. Despite its age and odometer numbers, the car has remained in good condition and is now in the firm’s own collection, the former owner writes on Facebook.

The announcement of the sale of the 1990 AWD Legacy Wagon was posted on Craigslist the day before the end of 2020. The seller prepared a very detailed description of the car, including the purchase history and his own impressions. Having stumbled upon Legacy on the same portal, he acquired a station wagon in 2019 with a range of over 340 thousand kilometers, about four thousand more were passed in 14 months of ownership.

The technical condition of the car required attention, but overall it was in excellent (adjusted for age and mileage) condition. To “recreate the experience of buying it completely new,” the previous owner spent about six thousand dollars on repairing the station wagon. Before placing the ad, pre-sale preparation was additionally passed.

After the transaction, the former owner said that he sold the car to Subaru – he went to the company’s collection at the headquarters in New Jersey – and expressed the hope to meet him in the future at the RADwood profile festival. The purchase price was 6.8 thousand dollars (about 500 thousand rubles).

The first generation Legacy was introduced in 1989 and was Subaru’s answer to the Honda Accord, Mazda 626 and Toyota Camry of the time. The station wagon, which was acquired by the American division of the brand, was equipped with an optional permanent all-wheel drive, an atmospheric 2.2-liter engine with a capacity of about 130 forces and a five-speed “mechanics”.