Dream motorcycles for sale: 1937 Brough Superior SS80

From San Diego, California, arrived the gem of the “British Empire” – a two-wheeled Rolls Royce, SS80, sold on eBay for 37,000 euros. This Super Sports owes its name to the fact that it can reach speeds of up to 80 mph (129 km / h) thanks to its powerful V-Twin engine.

Six years ago, the British firm Brough Superior, an iconic collector’s brand from 1919 to 1940, rose from the ashes. Handcrafted by just over 20 models built over two decades of its existence, it quickly rose to the Olympus of two wheels. due to their superior workmanship, quality materials and radical performance for their time. They also made sidecar and racing bikes, but among them the SS100 is a true unicorn. We now have an SS80 that deserves our attention.

The SS80 (first on JAP and then on Matchless) is powered by a 982cc V-twin and only 1,086 units were produced from 1922 until World War II. This is a 1937 device, one of 110 that left the factory in the same year.

California Bro Sport chassis VIN for sale: PS1722 and its current owner completely rebuilt it after purchasing from a manifold in 1988, faithful to the original specification, have model documentation, 70 photos (including the rebuilding process), and includes an improved fork that was sold as an option … The engine has only 1 hour of operation.