Only eight examples of the world’s first Ivel farm machines remain

The 1903 Ivel tractor is regarded as one of Britain’s greatest inventions. Only eight examples of the iconic farming machine have survived. It was the brainchild of science-fiction inventor Dan Albon and was the first commercial tractor in the world (until then, it was an artisanal machine). It was with this tractor that the mass production of such vehicles began.

A rare 24hp collector’s item went on sale after its owner, John Moffitt, passed away. His beloved tractor went under the hammer at the auction for 425 thousand dollars. The price surprised connoisseurs. Previously, such rarities could get in three times cheaper.

The tractor sold at the auction boasts a unique biography – it was exhibited at the Royal Agricultural Show in London in 1903. In 1970, collector Moffitt purchased the Ivel from a close friend. They shared an interest in rare machinery.