A rarity tractor restored in Poland has been restarted in Jõgevamaa

In the village of Väike-Kamari in Põltsamaa Rural Municipality, one of the oldest tractors, the Lanz Bulldog with 12 horsepower produced in Germany in 1925, is working again. It stood in front of the Põltsamaa College for years and was restored in a workshop in Poland.

Eero Kotli, an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, got to know the Lanz tractor as a child at his grandfather’s house. “Lanz Bulldog tractors turn 100 years old this year. They are extremely rare,” he told The Actual Camera.

“Although more than 6,000 tractors have been made, there are very, very few with such wide wheels. The ones that have survived in the world can be counted on the fingers of both hands,” Cotley said.

“The special thing about this tractor is that it’s really exceptionally well made, and yet it has an extremely simple design,” Kotli said.

Estonia’s oldest working Lanz Bulldog tractor is at Varbola in Rapla County. It was built 99 years ago. The tractor in Väike-Kamari is three years younger and belongs to the Järvamaa Vocational Training Center, and it was possible to bring it back to life thanks to Eero Kotli’s enthusiasm.

“Of course, we won’t ride it every day, that’s understandable, but if the slightest occasion arises, we’ll take it out and go to plowing competitions too. So if anyone has the right plow for this tractor, we’d love to borrow it,” said Rein Oselin, the school’s principal.

“It would be nice if people who know how this tractor got to Väike-Kamari told the school about it. After all, it’s the story that would breathe real life into this iron tractor,” Colti said.

The tractor was restored in Poland. There was no workshop in Estonia to repair the broken parts or make new ones. The machine was 90% assembled from the original parts.