American Paul Harman from Georgia owns a Mercedes-Benz W123 with record mileage. As of 2019, his car covered 1 million 853 thousand kilometers.

According to The Drive, Harman bought his 1981 Mercedes second-hand back in 1983. At the time of purchase, the odometer “123” showed about 64,000 km, and since then the pensioner constantly drives the iconic sedan.

Under the hood of this Mercedes-Benz W123 is a 2.4-liter diesel with 72 hp. This engine is considered reliable due to its simplicity in design. For all the time on Paul’s car, the engine underwent a major overhaul only once – for 600,000 km.

When asked about the secret to the longevity of his Mercedes, the owner said he was not doing anything special except for one thing – changing the oil every 5,000 km.

Among other serious works that have already been carried out on the car – complete repainting of the body with factory paint, replacement of all seals and gaskets (in 1991, at a mileage of 900 thousand km). Also, from time to time on the sedan, suspension elements and other parts that inevitably wear out are changed.

Paul and his car were last seen at the Classic Car Elegance Show last year. It was then that an impressive mileage of 1 million 850 thousand kilometers was recorded. That is, perhaps now the tenacious “German” has already traveled over 2 million km.