40-year-old VW Golf with less than 1200 km mileage will be auctioned off

The first generation Volkswagen Golf, released in 1980 and with a range of 1200 kilometers, will be up for sale at the NEC Classic Live on November 13. In addition to the factory condition, the car also has an unusual history: for example, it was first registered only 19 years after purchase.

The first owner of this Golf bought it new as a fallback, as he came across a very lucrative offer. He already had another VW Golf by that time, but the buyer hoped to change to a second car when the first one finally fails. Contrary to expectations, this did not happen, and he took his “spare” car out of the garage only twice in two decades – for the sake of a visit to the service and for registration, which took place only in 1999.

Immediately after registration, the owner decided that he could not operate the car that had already become a museum exhibit every day, and sold the hatchback to a collector. Since then, the unique VW Golf has been touring private collections.

It is not specified what kind of engine the “time capsule” is equipped with, but judging by the GLD nameplate, visible in one of the photos, this Golf has a diesel engine. In 1980, the first generation hatches received a 1.6-liter engine that developed 54 hp. and 98 Nm of torque. The photographs give an idea of ​​the general condition of the car, which is close to the factory one.

How much the buyer will pay for the “time capsule” is still unknown, but used VW Golfs of the first generation in Europe are rarely estimated at more than a thousand euros.